Due to its shape our area is an authentic natural gym for climbing enthusiasts. Sheer walls overlook the lake, steep cliffs formed by the powerful action of glaciers, vertical walls that present difficulties from the 4° to the 8° upper grade. The world's greatest champions have made Garda Trentino their second home, an ideal place for their training. The Czech climber Adam Ondra in particular has become the exceptional testimonial for the Rock Master Festival, International Master of Sport Climbing, which takes place every year in late August in Arco. The main gyms, in our town, and near Hotel Villa Alberta are Falesia Corno di Bò (Bò Corn Cliff) and Falesia Spiaggia delle Lucertole [Lizard Beach Cliff], 2 km south of Torbole towards Malcesine. Other rock climbing spots can be found at the Nago Cliff Lookout, Passo San Giovanni (Mori Road), Segrom Cliff (Road to Monte Baldo) Monte Corno in Nago (Road to Arco) and at the Marmitte dei Giganti (between Nago and Torbole). For those who intend to try climbing for the first time, we suggest the Association Rock and Nago Kite. Grown-ups and children alike will be able to approach this sport in total safety thanks to the presence of the mountain guides.